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For the Love of Tennis…

February, the month of love. It brings our annual appointment with St Valentine, and so is perhaps a perfect time to cuddle up on the sofa escaping the cold weather and doing nothing?

But 2023 is all about looking self-care and looking after YOU. So, what better way to do that, than to enjoy the most sociable sport out there, that really is synonymous with love, TENNIS.

So why is the term “love” used when a player hasn’t scored any points? Well, there are a few different theories.

A very common belief is that the term originates from the French ‘l’oeuf’ meaning egg because a ‘0’ zero is shaped like an egg. This would be used in a similar context to the terms ‘duck’s egg’ or a ‘duck’ in cricket, or a ‘goose’ in baseball.

An alternative theory from the Dutch and Flemish, is that its origins are based in their word Lof’ meaning ‘honour’. Implying that someone playing with zero points, is at that stage playing for honour alone.

But probably one of the most favoured theories, as suggested in the Oxford English Dictionary, is simply that love really does mean “love.” Being that the only thing keeping a scoreless player on the court is the love of the game.

So, if you haven’t picked up a racket in a while, or are brand new to the sport, here are our top tips for getting started and falling in love with the game of tennis.

Research your racket.

To be able to play tennis properly there are a variety of rackets to choose from and the quality is generally very good, even on the lower end of the scale but choose wisely. For younger players, junior-sized rackets are a must.

Accept you’ll need to do a lot of practice.

To become good, it does require a lot of practice, patience, and determination. Go in embracing this and you’ll have fun whilst improving.

Invest in tennis lessons.

Do some research into the local sports centres and tennis clubs to see what they offer because the fastest way to improve your tennis game will be by taking some lessons. At this time of year many have special offers on and joining a club is a great way to meet new people to play with.

Get yourself a BallTrace.

Lost tennis balls are a common frustration of the game because most people are using the same brands. For £13.99 this amazing little device will personalise your tennis balls, so that you can retrieve them with confidence when they stray into other courts - which they will!

Work on your stamina

Tennis isn’t just about speed; you need to maintain your strength game after game. Regular aerobic workouts and weight training can all with strength and endurance.

So, whether you start to get fit and fall in love with yourself again, for the opportunity to meet new friends or simply to find a new sport you can be passionate about, try falling in love with tennis this year.


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