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Hit the January Blues Out With The World’s Fastest Growing Sport

The ‘January Blues’ are more common than you may think, because most of us are desperately seeking pay day, the weather is cold, and the guilt of the new year’s resolution lapse is starting to creep in. But there is a very simple way to get those positive endorphins flowing, whilst sticking to one of the most common new year goals; to get fit; by taking up a brand-new sport.

In 2023 forget running or gym membership, instead hit the January blues out by picking up a racket! Padel Tennis is a rapidly growing sport and has over 20 million players worldwide!

The sport originated in Mexico and has same rules as tennis, it also is played with the same size balls as tennis. But Padel is always played in doubles and is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court.

So, whether you played Tennis years ago or you’ve never picked up a racket in your life, it’s the perfect time to get into the game and the new experience that is Padel Tennis.

But like Tennis, Padel still comes with its frustrations, the main one being losing your balls to other players. It’s a familiar story; you’re playing on a court with other players, and you all brought the exact same balls. They’re veering off left, right and centre; onto adjacent courts and at the end of the game you come to collect yours and realise some of them have gone missing!

That’s when BallTrace can help; as inventor Dave Townsend explains,BallTrace is the only way to mark balls quickly and professionally. The device fits both Tennis and Padel Balls, you simply clip your ball into the BallTrace marker, snap on the stencil, and use the waterproof pen provided to perfectly mark your balls. You can even use the product to track the age of your balls.”

You create personalised balls to keep in your kit bag, which will save your balls getting muddled up with other player’s kit. Ensuring that lost balls are not a reason to keep you off court.

And why else should you take up this brand-new sport in 2023? Well, it is the perfect social activity because it involves 4 players, and Padel can aid tactical thinking, mental alertness and improve critical thinking. It is also an amazing form of stress relief, can burn calories and above all; it is fun!

Padel Tennis is the world's fastest growing sport, so beat the January blues this year by trying out this new racket revolution.


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