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The 15 Best Tennis Gifts by Budget

The 15 best tennis gifts by budget

When working your way through a Christmas or birthday list, it’s nice to steer clear of gift vouchers and go for something you know your Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Step-Mum or Grandad will love. That can be tricky of course. We’ve all waited with bated breath for Dad to open his present, only to realise it probably won’t ever see the light of day - no matter what he says!

So how do you maximise your chances of receiving a genuinely positive reaction? If you’re lucky, your loved one will start dropping hints and you’ll zone in on their wishes. You could ask of course, but that rather takes away the fun, so most people resort to brain-storming hobbies and interests in the hope they can find a decent gift. 

So.. what if you’re keen to find a suitable gift for the tennis player in your life? Where to start? It’s a problem our founder Dave, is very familiar with. His wife Claire, is a genuine tennis nut, she literally plays 7-10 times a week, (yes - that’s most days and sometimes twice a day!) 

Dave can’t buy her a racquet, firstly they can be very expensive and secondly, Claire has firm opinions on weight and string tension so tends to try before she buys! The same is true of trainers, although she doesn’t try them out before buying! Over the years Dave has found that favourite brands are favourite brands, and even they seem to change regularly! Maybe a top or a skirt? Uh, no… wrong size, colour, even texture, he’s been told!

To help fellow tennis widowers and widows, as well as those looking for gift inspiration for extended family and friends, we asked Dave to list a few ideas below. We’ve organised them by their cost so that it’s just as easy to buy Auntie Jane an anniversary gift as it is your spouse, when a big impact gift is needed for a BIG birthday!


So...let’s start out small…


Under £10 / $15

Tourna Grip XL Single - Sticky grip beloved by some players, especially in hot climates.

Wilson Pro Feel Dampener - Wilson’s distinctive W shape in red and silver.

Winning Ugly Paperback - Brad Gilbert - Brad explains how it doesn't have to be pretty to be effective! One for those that want to win at all costs!


£11 - £25 / $15 - $30

Tennis Vibration Dampeners - Smileys - A range of random smiley face dampeners you can change to suit your mood!

Under Armour Underwear - now then… no sniggering at the back! You might find many male recipients would gladly receive a gift that promises to ease the discomfort of poorly fitted protection. But it’s not the only way to protect balls on court…

Our very own BallTrace Gift Pack! - treat your loved one to the world’s only courtside tennis ball marker and they’ll struggle to lose a ball again! This pack is well under £20 and is personalised with the recipient's initial. You’ll get a free emoji design to boot!


£26 - £50 / $30 - $60

tennishead Magazine - get all 4 annual print editions of the ever-popular tennishead plus email newsletters.

Tennis Player Wall Mural - must stress with this one, it’s about £30 per metre squared but if the person you’re buying for has a small wall it might be worth considering. 

Neck massager - too much tennis leads to sore necks and backs. Sore necks and backs limit too much tennis. 


£51 - £100 / $60 - $120

HEAD Djokovic 6 Racquet bag - bags can sometimes be found for less than £50 but we’ve chosen a nice mid-range example here that takes 6 racquets (although most people don't!) and if it’s good enough for Novak…

Massage Gun - these little gadgets vary massively in price but we like this one due to being decent value and easy to use courtside due to its diminutive size! 

Training Kit - everything you’d ever need to set up drills and optimise target practice. Contains cones, lines, corners and targets with a handy carry bag.


£101 plus / $120 plus

Tennis Ball Cart - serious players often take to the court with dozens of balls to practise serves or do drills with a partner. A tennis ball cart like this is a great way for them to transport and store over 300 balls!

Top Spin Pro - we love unique, and interesting devices so TopSpinPro is an obvious choice for those with budgets large enough. Left or right-handed, master your topspin strokes with regular practice.

Tennis Radar Gun - one for the serious big hitters! Measure both serves and groundstrokes and can be paired with headphones or even speakers if you’re really looking to show off!


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