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BallTrace Tennis Ball Marker - about us

Where it all started

We’re a tennis playing family. 

We love everything about tennis – the club, the community, the competitions. 

(Except the faff that is – labelling every ball, collecting them, figuring out which are new and which are old.)

“That’s just tennis”, we thought.

But when our daughter came home early one day because she’d lost track of her balls and was too nervous to go searching amongst men’s doubles games – we didn’t think that was “just tennis.”

And a week later, when we lost half of our own brand new balls because another match was using the same ones without markings – that also wasn’t the tennis we love.

And finally, during the pandemic, when we’d forgotten our pens and didn’t want to risk anybody else picking our balls up, we gave up entirely.

So we went home and created BallTrace.

Over the next 6 months we searched for a solution that would solve all of these problems, without being another gimmick that gets left at the bottom of a sports bag. We tested hundreds of designs, materials, prototypes, sizes, shapes, and mechanisms. We used our local club as a proving ground and badgered fellow players to test our ideas out.

And eventually, we launched BallTrace.

It speeds up your game prep, saves you money on lost balls, keeps track of the new ones, and lets you stylishly and professionally express your personality and individuality on court. All for the price of a few coffees.

If you’ve used it and have any ideas on how to improve it, or just want to say hi, we’d love to hear from you.

Fun | Practical | Stylish

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